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Merci d'avoir soumis !

  • Angel Policy
    Thank you for your kind interest in Stamperia products. You are welcome to sell your handmade crafts, however we would ask you to indicate somewhere (e.g. tag/label) that the project was created with the use of original Stamperia items.
  • Where can I buy your products if I don't own a shop?
    Thank you for contacting us, Please let us know where are you located.
  • How can I stock your products in my store?
    Thank you for your interest in our products, please register to and one of our agents wil be in touch with you
  • I would like to have information on a product
    Please, write to we will back to you soon with the informations requested
  • How can I get a pizza box?
    To get a pizza box you need to post your projects in the FB page Stampers Worldwide. Two projects are chosen between the most voted and we ask for additional votes by our followers: the one that got more likes, will win the pizza box.
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