Stone Paper Bag with Leather Effect

Leather effect on Stone Paper with Aquacolor and Modeling Paste.




Special paper made of natural fibers, extra strong,
does not tear, versatile for all decorations! You can pierce, cut, sew, die-cut it
and even decorate it with rice paper, stencil, acrylic colours.
Once decorated it can be cleaned in the washing machine.
Before washing use Mix Media Glue to stick papers and decorations.


The leather effect is one of the trends of the moment. It can simulate the effect with 3 simple products:
Apply with a sponge pad the Modeling Paste white K3P38W and let dry.
Coloring with Aquacolor KE34A and, when dry, give a second coat of Aquacolor KAQ004.
If you need to give a second coat.





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