The initial idea born from Aziza Karrara in 1988 was the desire of offering to everybody, even if not an artist, practical and easy tools of excellent quality to let their creativity and imagination to be free to express. The first project has been : BOX , the ideas’ box!

STAMPERIA brand was launched in 1995, when in Italy and in other part of the world there was not yet a clear knowledge about hobby world , the first collection presented was including stencils, acrylic paint, decoupage paper printed on wood free paper and on rice paper. Stamperia has been the first Company in the world to print on rice paper. The opening of Pandora’s box started: introducing innovations continuously, we present innumerable projects, ideas, techniques, products.

STAMPERIA is today leader in Hobby and Crafts sector and has distributors and resellers in more than 40 countries in the world.

Our philosophy is based on the following basic principles:

100% Italian Style Stamperia original design: We have a wide graphic department, our designers are studying original graphic, combinations, shapes, styles. This is giving a distinct character to our collections, recognizable all over the world. Stamperia Collections represent the full harmony of a good team working well together from many years to thrill, to fascinate and to develop a keen interest in our items more and more.

High Quality Control: the production process is carefully followed in order to grant high quality products range.
con attenzione per fornire sempre il meglio.

Very good quality -price ratio: Excellent quality / price ratio for a range of products accessible to a wide target. Specialization in the techniques; variety and depth of range.

Research and design of new techniques and media:Our creative Teachers are specialized in new techniques that we are developing  together. Variety and richness of  choice are peculiar in our catalogue :  we are offering more than 4.000 items in the following subjects :
Decoupage and Decoration
Scrapbooking  and accessories
Decorative painting
Home Deco
Felt – printed or in plain colours 
Decorabilia  Collection : wide range of supports made  in different materials  to be decorated for all occasions.

Training and creative formation: Constant training and teaching are the focal point where everything turns. Every product is conceived according to a project. Training is the message that is transferred from person to person, not only by lessons but with Tutorial Videos, Step by Step projects, Webinar live lessons and access to our Hobby Books. This wide range of training options is free of charge. The Turin Training Center is the vibrating heart of Stamperia, the place where everything starts: we hold here training, demonstrations, Academy, Teachers Conventions, Workshop on line, it is here that our Graphic team is expressing his creativity, engineers and experiments together with our creative teachers from all over the world.

Creative Team: The Stamperia Creative Team is formed by 20 Italian Artists who are working every day with great passion to experiment new techniques, to offer new solutions for the display in the shops and during the National and International Exhibitions or in the Showrooms.

Academy: The prestigious Academy is meant for the Shops Staff and for the Teachers. The Academies are held in different parts of the world to transmit at his best the new techniques, and Stamperia spirit . An ensemble of learning , amusement, total immersion into lightness and harmony of creativity under the expert tuition of our teachers.

Relation - Connection Customer – Partner: The relation between Stamperia and his distributors- resellers is very active: Stamperia is more than a creative Company, it is a world where synergy is constant and deep, in the mutual aim of developing marketing initiatives.

Stamperia Staff

Monica Aziza Karrara

Founder and inventor of Stamperia she is styling all Collections, cooperating with the Graphic Team and the Creative Teachers. She is planning and presenting the new ideas abroad and in Italy, during the International Fairs as well.

Angela Moro

Founder partner, mother of Aziza, she has always stood by Aziza from the start, being the first enthusiastic fan of Box and Stamperia.

Elena Panaro

Managing Director of the Company, she is responsible about finance, accounting, planning the new developments. This is the official task, practically there is nothing impossible for her: her only limitation is time!

Giovanni Marin

Giovanni is part of the Stamperia world since birth. Grown up surrounded by creativity, after graduating in the US, he started working in the family firm, taking care of marketing strategies and business communications.

Patrizia Mantovano

Professional buyer with long experience and full dedication with her knowledge and experience she can develop and realize the innumerable projects of our Creative Team: nerves of steel and unflagging work!

Deborah Puonzo

Sweet and pretty she makes things happen, and in a flash! This is very important while she has to coordinate export in different Continents! If you wish a special production she is the best person to rely on.

Giovanni Garrisi

- Known as Gianco - Internal Software responsible , he has no stop in his job because Stamperia girls are very demanding.

Sara Valotta

She is a natural Sales Manager, she is responsible for all Italian Customers and for the National Agents: she is travelling without getting tired up and down the peninsula, and she has the most genuine laugh: welcome Sara!

Monica Paruta

International Teacher, she is living among airplanes and Creative Courses, from several years she is a beloved Teacher all around the world : Decoupage, Decorative, Mix Media, Cake Design: just name them, Monica will make people love them. Pioneer of creativity in many countries, from Poland to France, from Russia to Kuwait…… next challenge : Far East.

Anna Re

Designer, born for drafting, illustrator, dreaming character, very romantic, her works are full of significance and are showing her delicate soul.

Multi level Communication:

Stamperia is constantly in connection with his public thanks to his very popular Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and all Social Networks.Every month our Followers are receiving our Newsletter which is representing a complete Magazine of news, offers, events, curiosity, advices and much more. .

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